Women’s Men Feng Shui Bracelet Luck Wealth Buddha Black Obsidian stone Beaded Bracelet hombre Gold Charm Pixiu Bracelet Gifts

Metal Color: 2.six word 3.natural tiger eye 4.blue sand stone 5.natural agate 1 6.cat eye glass blue 9.cat eye glass 10. onyx 11.amazonite 12.natural crystal 13.red glass 6mm 14.natural Obsidian 15.matte onyx 1 7.natural quartz 1 8.natural agate 2 16.smooth onyx 1 17.matte onyx 2 18.smooth onyx 2 1.cat eye glass pink
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Strand Bracelets
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Zinc Alloy
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Beaded Bracelet
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The meaning of 6-character proverbs

唵: alleviate the suffering of the heavenly beings; the heavenly beings enjoy longevity and happiness, so they rarely think about death and future life. Before the end of their lives, they will lose their luster, become odorous, and be abandoned by their friends and suffer great suffering. When chanting this syllable, those who practice will think of the sufferings of the sentient beings in the heavenly realm and will make them suffer.

嘛: alleviate the sufferings of all beings of the Shura Taoism; they are full of hatred in their hearts, they are very jealous of all kinds of enjoyment in the heavenly realm, and they often fight against the sentient beings in the heavenly realm. They reduce pain and contemplation

呢: Relieving human suffering and misfortune; everyone must experience four kinds of suffering: birth, old age, sickness, and death, as well as other kinds of natural disasters, human disasters, and other disasters. When it comes to the word “what”, the practitioners think of the pain in the world and develop sorrow, and return the merits to the sentient beings in the world to reduce the pain.

叭: symbol of purity

咪: In addition to the sufferings of all beings of the Hungry Ghost Path; beings born in the Hungry Ghost Road suffer from cold, heat, fear, and fatigue. At the same time, because of their bad karma, they are not allowed to eat for life, and they often suffer from hunger and thirst. . Practitioners will think of the suffering of hungry ghosts and feel compassion, and return their merits to pray for their sufferings to be removed.

吽: Reducing the suffering of all sentient beings in hell; sentient beings born in hell, because of their extremely bad karma, call on all kinds of suffering in hell, such as the illusion of burning fire, freezing bones, landslides, and persecution of ghosts, etc. Wait, the pain is inexplicable and cannot be freed.

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Review by: Amy P.
Before my first experience with Women's Men Feng Shui Bracelet Luck Wealth Buddha Black Obsidian stone Beaded Bracelet hombre Gold Charm Pixiu Bracelet Gifts, I had used all possible modifications of resembling ones.Two month ago I stumbled upon this online shop and decided to give it a try. In new stores I as a rule start with wasting slight sums – just tocheck and determine whether to keep on with the vendor or not. I’m not the one who is fond of risks especially when it applies to fiscal items. I decided this deal was something I should invest in - and truly – not much of an investment at that. I frankly never thought that the article like this could be a true stroke of luck, but I was quite unjust. Who could fancy? OK, not me, definitely. in any case, it does perfectly what it is to do, and it does it excellently.

The concept of Women's Men Feng Shui Bracelet Luck Wealth Buddha Black Obsidian stone Beaded Bracelet hombre Gold Charm Pixiu Bracelet Gifts is so easy, and the price so affordable that I figured it wouldn't work. But it does to the letter what it is aimed to do. Absolutely worth the value. I've tested lots of items of the kind precedently,… I couldn't beg for a greater article. Respect to the producer!

It is in fact extremely well produced. The appearance substantiates that aesthetic touch can make great distinction in the usage of an article. I ordered this one after scanning the ecstatic comments and expected they were true. They were. There are more than one advantages to this variation over the other ones I've tested:
  • It looks great.
  • It is low-priced.
  • It’s a best quality article.
  • It completely satisfies its descriptor and doesn’t upset.

If you are in the market for an item like this, I can't imagine picture you'll dig out one greater than this one.

No buyer's remorse; gained the package just in time, total A+++ item. Highly recommend!
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Nice design, good price, superior quality and entire conformity to the description. One of the best products of this version I have ever purchased, no sorrow.

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Verified buyer

Very lovely Thankyou xx

Verified buyer

come in Israel for two weeks. very nice

Verified buyer

It’s perfect

Verified buyer

received very quickly but after 2 weeks the golden colour will become black..

Verified buyer

very good

Verified buyer

received after 3 months. but good quality

Verified buyer

E linda

Verified buyer


Verified buyer

so beautiful. I love these bracelets..

Verified buyer

I bought two of them (17cm and the 21cm ones) and they look exactly like the pictures- they’re nice bracelets!

Verified buyer

Bracelet matches description

Verified buyer

Light and fit perfect for my wrist

Verified buyer

La partie doré se déteint

Verified buyer

Lovely bracelet. A little small. I do not think the beds are stones. I think they're plastic, again it's still a pretty bracelet.

Verified buyer

very nice, I love it the shipping was very fast

Verified buyer


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