Brand Creation Lacoste


René Lacoste established La Chemise Lacoste in 1933 with André Gillier, the proprietor and leader of the biggest French knitwear fabricating firm at that point. They started to deliver the progressive tennis shirt Lacoste had structured and worn on the tennis courts with the crocodile logo weaved on the chest. In spite of the fact that the organization asserts this as the primary case of a brand name showing up outwardly of a piece of clothing, the “Jantzen young lady” logo showed up outwardly of Jantzen Knitting Mills’ bathing suits as ahead of schedule as 1921. Notwithstanding tennis shirts, Lacoste created shirts for golf and cruising. In 1951, the organization started to extend as it spread from “tennis white” and presented shading shirts. In 1952, the shirts were sent out to the United States and promoted as “the materialistic trifle of the equipped sportsman,” impacting the garments decisions of the high society. Lacoste was sold at Brooks Brothers until the late 1960s. It is as yet one of the most famous brands in the United States, donning the “preppy closet”. In 1963, Bernard Lacostetook over the administration of the organization from his dad René. Noteworthy organization development was seen under Bernard’s administration. At the point when he became president, around 300,000 Lacoste items were sold every year. The Lacoste brand arrived at its tallness of prominence in the US during the late 1970s and turned into the mark 1980s “preppy” closet thing, in any event, getting referenced in Lisa Birnbach’s Official Preppy Handbook of 1980. The organization additionally started to bring different items into their line including shorts, scent, optical and shades, sneakers, deck shoes, strolling shoes, watches, and different cowhide products.

In the United States during the 1970s and 1980s, Izod and Lacoste were regularly utilized reciprocally in light of the fact that beginning during the 1950s, Izod delivered dress known as Izod Lacosteunder permit available to be purchased in the U.S. This association finished in 1993 when Lacoste recaptured selective U.S. rights to appropriate shirts under its own image. In 1977, Le Tigre Clothingwas established trying to legitimately contend with Lacoste in the US showcase, selling a comparative exhibit of apparel, yet including a tiger instead of the mark Lacoste crocodile.

All the more as of late, Lacoste’s notoriety has flooded because of French creator Christophe Lemaire’s work to make an increasingly present day, upscale look. In 2005, just about 50 million Lacoste items sold in more than 110 nations. Its perceivability has expanded because of the agreements among Lacoste and a few youthful tennis players, including American tennis stars Andy Roddick and John Isner, French rising youthful possibility Richard Gasquet, and Swiss Olympic gold medalist Stanislas Wawrinka. Lacoste has additionally started to expand its essence in the golf world, where noted double cross Masters Tournament champion José María Olazábal and Scottish golf player Colin Montgomerie have been seen donning Lacoste shirts in competitions.

Bernard Lacoste turned out to be truly sick in mid 2005, which drove him to move the administration of Lacoste to his more youthful sibling and nearest colleague for a long time, Michel Lacoste. Bernard kicked the bucket in Paris on March 21, 2006.

Lacoste licenses its trademark to different organizations. As of not long ago, Devanlay possessed the elite overall apparel permit, however today Lacoste Polo Shirts are likewise produced under permit in Thailand by ICC and furthermore in China. Pentland Group has the elite overall permit to create Lacoste footwear, Procter and Gamble claims the selective overall permit to deliver aroma, and CEMALAC holds the permit to deliver Lacoste packs and little calfskin merchandise.

In June 2007, Lacoste presented their absolute first internet business website for the U.S. showcase.

In September 2010, Christophe Lemaire ventured down and Felipe Oliveira Baptista succeeded him as the inventive chief of Lacoste.



Inception of the brand with modern creation of the first LACOSTE shirts, specifically the white “petit piqué” cotton polo shirt code-named the “1212”.

1934 – 1939

Dynamic and particular deals improvement of top quality polo shirts was watched.

1940 – 1946

The organization’s movement was interfered with during the war.


Creation fired up again in the French market.


Attire fares to Italy started right now with an expansion of a shading extent to the white petit piqué cotton polo shirt.


This year denoted the start of attire fares to the United States.


First assortment for youngsters was propelled.


Shorts and striped polo shirts were propelled. The string damper was likewise protected by René Lacoste.


An attire assembling and dissemination permit was marked in Spain.


René LACOSTE created the principal steel racket: insurgency in tennis hardware that undermines the amazingness of wooden rackets and leads the route for the present models. He likewise made the first LACOSTE sneaker. Bernard Lacoste, René Lacoste’s oldest child, took over as organization Chairman.


This year saw the start of attire fares to Japan.


An attire fabricating understanding was marked in the United States.


LACOSTE Eau de Toilette, delivered under permit by Jean PATOU, was propelled.


An attire assembling and conveyance permit was marked in Japan.


René Lacoste designed and protected the “damper” utilized on LACOSTE steel rackets which is situated toward the finish of the pole and retains vibrations while improving exactness and expanding the vitality compensation.


An attire assembling and dissemination permit was marked in Brazil.


An understanding was marked with L’AMY for the improvement of a line of shades and optical edges. The world’s first LACOSTE boutique opened in Paris.


An attire assembling and circulation permit was marked in Australia.


Another line of “LACOSTE pour Homme” toiletries was propelled with Jean PATOU. For the dispatch of the Peugeot 205, a unique “LACOSTE” constrained arrangement was developed.


Another line of LACOSTE sneakers was propelled, fabricated in France, trailed by deck shoes in 1986 and strolling shoes in 1988. The Paris Boat Show of the LACOSTE 42-foot yacht, structured by American planners “STEPHENS and SPARKMAN” and created as a constrained release, was likewise introduced.


Attire assembling and appropriation licenses were marked in South Korea and Argentina.


An assembling and dispersion permit was marked in Japan with another accomplice, the SEIBU SAISON Group.


An attire assembling and appropriation permit was marked in Thailand. René Lacoste licenses another tennis racket idea: the “EQUISYSTEME”.


Dispatch of the “EQUIJET” racket; its extraordinary shape consolidates the advantages of enormous head and little head rackets.


Attire assembling and appropriation licenses were marked in Mexico and Turkey. An overall permitting understanding was marked for LACOSTE Leisure shoes, with the PENTLAND Group. Lacoste, Borotra, Brugnon and Cochet, the French group of Guy Forget and Henri Leconte wins the Davis Cup in Lyon from the U.S.A., wearing a crocodile on their souls!


In the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, the LACOSTE Group continued authority over the LACOSTE brands with the assistance of its overall producer, DEVANLAY S.A. Both the creation and appropriation in the United States and Canada were guaranteed by DEVANLAY S.A. An attire assembling and dispersion permit understanding was marked in India.


Another overall assembling understanding was marked with DEVANLAY S.A., modern accomplice and partner of LACOSTE, until June 30th 2012. This understanding conceded selective overall assembling rights for LACOSTE attire to DEVANLAY. New conveyance understandings were likewise marked with DEVANLAY S.A. for France and Germany, reaching out through to June 30th 2012. To check its 60th commemoration, LACOSTE sorted out an overall battle on the side of the battle against different sclerosis. The returns raised for this reason add up to more than US$1 million.


A permitting understanding was finished paperwork for a line of LACOSTE watches, to be delivered by the Swiss organization ROVENTA-HENEX and conveyed by the VIMONT S.A. Organization. Marking of an attire dispersion permit in China and opening of a LACOSTE boutique in Shanghaï. Line of LACOSTE watches were propelled in April, at the Basel International Watch reasonable.


The principal American LACOSTE boutiques opened in Florida. A dispersion permit was marked in Russia. An understanding was marked among LACOSTE and FICO, the International Ocean Yacht Racing Federation. The FICO-LACOSTE World Championship perceived the world’s driving captain.


The first LACOSTE boutique opened in Moscow, Russia. The LACOSTE Internet website was likewise propelled right now. LACOSTE boutique on Madison Avenue, New York opens in December.


In March, the overall attire creation accomplice, DEVANLAY S.A., was taken over by the Maus family (90%) and LACOSTE (10%). The Maus family, through DEVANLAY, along these lines turned into a 35% minority investor of LACOSTE, with the staying 65% having a place with the Lacoste family.


In July, LACOSTE awards the overall clothing permit for the LACOSTE brand to DEVANLAY, until December 31st 2012; permit reached out until 2025 in March 2000. This understanding spreads the creation, fabricating, appropriation, marketing and item promoting for LACOSTE attire. Permit understanding for LACOSTE home materials, covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa, was marked in October with DESCAMPS S.A., a piece of the ZUCCHIBASSETTI gathering. In May, an understanding was marked with Christophe Lemaire, successor to Gilles Rosier who was from now on liable for the creative heading of DEVANLAY’s LACOSTE exercises.


Permit understanding for LACOSTE belts for men, ladies and youngsters was marked in October with COLLAERT S.A, and covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Overall permit understanding for LACOSTE packs, travel things and little cowhide merchandise was marked with SAMSONITE in December. Permit understanding for the promoting of LACOSTE scents and magnificence items was marked in September with P and G PRESTIGE BEAUTE, the Fine Perfume Division of the PROCTER and GAMBLE Beauty Care Business Unit.


Shooting occurred in October of a business in Shanghaï with popular Chinese executive WONG KAR WAI, Cannes Festival grant champ and maker of “In the Mood for Love”. Understanding for the production of a LACOSTE cowhide merchandise line was marked in October with Christophe Pillet, who is additionally the creator of the new furniture line for LACOSTE boutiques and corner snack bars.


In July, the main new idea LACOSTE boutique opened in Dusseldorf. The new idea was made by Patrick Rubin and Christophe Pillet. Further new idea boutiques opened in Tokyo, Lyon, Orlando, Berlin, London and Istanbul. In October, P&G Prestige Beauté dispatches ‘LACOSTE Pour Homme’ worldwide with a significant promoting effort by Herb Ritts.


In April, P&G Beauté propelled LACOSTE Pour Femme. Made only for LACOSTE by Olivier Cresp, the dispatch is joined by a crusade from the picture taker Nathaniel Goldberg. In July, two new idea LACOSTE boutiques opened their entryways in Paris and New York. In September, the first LACOSTE style was held in New York.


In Autumn, P&G Prestige Beauté dispatches Lacoste “Contact of Pink”. The improvement of the Lacoste Piqué Stretch polo adds to the achievement of the brand around the world.


LACOSTE reported the mark of a multi year organization with Andy Roddick, 22-year-old tennis player, who gets one of the LACOSTE Ambassadors. LACOSTE’s Board of Directors names Michel LACOSTE Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, and affirms the places of Jean-Claude Fauvet and Marc Lumet as Senior Executive Vice Presidents. Bernard Lacoste was named Honorary Chairman of LACOSTE. LACOSTE new promoting effort ‘Un peu d’air sur terre’ was propelled. LACOSTE and L’AMY Group restored their optical and shades permit understanding (men’s, women’s, and kids) for the LACOSTE Brand in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. LACOSTE and CHARMANT Inc. consented to a permit arrangement for similar items, starting January first 2006 for Asia and South America and July first 2006 for North America and Mexico. At TFWA World Exhibition 2005 in Cannes, LACOSTE revealed universal adornments travel retail idea. In Autumn, P&G renown Beauté propelled ‘LACOSTE ESSENTIAL’ around the world. A two-year association with Lorena Ochoa, Mexican golfer who has been positioned N°1 world player, was marked from 2006 until today.


Bernard Lacoste, who managed the predetermination of the celebrated crocodile, and turned the image of his dad, the tennis hero René Lacoste, into outstanding amongst other known brands far and wide, died calmly in Paris, on March 21st, 2006. LACOSTE declares its entrance into a long haul overall permit concurrence with MOVADO Group, Inc. The understanding is powerful as of January first, 2007 and incorporates structure, creation, and dispersion of people’s timepiece assortments. The René Lacoste Foundation was made, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, with a desire to support youngsters, both in France and abroad, to discover their way in life through game and give to these youngsters René Lacoste’s qualities.


A 5-year overall Home Textile permit understanding was marked with VINCENZO ZUCCHI S.p.A., compelling from January first, 2007. It incorporates the select overall assembling and dissemination of the LACOSTE Home Textile assortments, aside from Japan and Singapore. In summer, P&G Prestige Beauté propelled ‘Class’ around the world, LACOSTE new Men scent.


A long haul overall eyewear permit understanding was marked with the CHARMANT Group. The understanding is powerful as of January first, 2008 and incorporates structure, creation, and dispersion of LACOSTE optical and shades assortments. The brand praises its 75th commemoration throughout the entire year. In April, the Board of executives of LACOSTE S.A. designated Christophe Chenut as CEO, Michel Lacoste remained President. The recharging of the association with Lorena Ochoa was reached out until December 31st, 2010. In September, LACOSTE became official patron of the Australian Open. In November, LACOSTE reached out for a long time its association with the ATP as the official supplier for attire and footwear.


In February, Lacoste turned into the main universal brand to help the “Spare Your Logo” crusade started by the Global Environment Facility. In the USA, LACOSTE joins the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by giving 10% of the returns from its Pink Croc Collection for the whole month of October, to assist finance with examining to discover a solution for bosom malignancy. Hayden Christensen is the face for Challenge, the new LACOSTE aroma for men propelled during Roland Garros in May. For Spring/Summer, Zaha Hadid structures for LACOSTE an exceptional footwear case assortment. So as to venture into the cell phone advertise, LACOSTE S.A. consented to an overall permit arrangement with the MODELABS Group. In July, Jose Luis Duran was arrangement head of DEVANLAY, authorized accomplice of the crocodile brand for its attire. During the ATP World Tour Finals in London, LACOSTE declared the restoration of its organization, both on and off the tennis courts, with Andy Roddick, brand minister since 2005.


This year, LACOSTE propelled a restricted release of its 101 pilot-style outline shades from 1980’s, its new book ‘The Element of Style’, scent for Men: LACOSTE Essential Sport, e-shop in France. By August, the web based business site opens up in the U.K and Germany. In June, LACOSTE marked a multi year worldwide permit with GL Bijoux Group to build up its style gems line. This understanding incorporates the origination, creation and appropriation of LACOSTE Jewelry. In September, Felipe Oliveira Baptista turned into the new inventive chief of the LACOSTE brand. In October 2010, the René Lacoste Foundation praises its fourth commemoration. In November, unexpectedly a LACOSTE polo shirt incorporates into the French National Museum Collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Before the finish of 2010, other than the institutional site, 36 nations where the brand is available and have their own LACOSTE site. In December, 2010, LACOSTE was the fourth most popular brand on Facebook.


In January, LACOSTE conceded the permit for eyewear to Marchon Eyewear, Inc. Under the aegis of LACOSTE SA, Marchon Eyewear, Inc., would configuration, production and sell optical and sunwear LACOSTE assortments. In January, British style symbol Alexa Chung turned into the new face for LACOSTE’s most recent Female Fragrance “Delight of Pink”. LACOSTE propelled its new International Global Communication Campaign. LACOSTE arranges the primary Unconventional Chic LACOSTE Prize conjunctly with GQ Magazine “Man of the Year 2010”, which is granted to Bryan Ferry, the British music legend. In February 2011 LACOSTE L!VE Spring-Summer 2011 Campaign goes live. Presenting L!VE, another assortment, it epitomizes a startling and cool blend of LACOSTE unique style and Street Art. In February 2011, LACOSTE presents its first historically speaking assortment of male aromas, roused by its famous polo shirt: « Eau le Lacoste L.12.12 ».