Brand Creation Adidas


Adi Dassler – the man who gave Adidas its name made his first shoe in quite a while workshop in Herzogenaurach close to Nuremberg in Germany in 1920. As one of the universes orginal sportswear brands, Adidas has a rich history of achievement…


Adi Dassler makes his first shoe in quite a while workshop in Herzogenaurach close to Nuremberg in Germany. The shoe made of canvas was a preparation shoe for sprinters and cost two reichsmarks.

Adi Dassler followed three core values in his advancement work: produce the best shoe for the prerequisites of the game, shield the competitor from injury, and make the item solid.


Adi Dassler builds up the primary unique shoes for soccer and track and field. Just because shoes with studs and spikes are presented. He additionally develops various shoes for the various separations and utilizations best in class materials to accomplish a sparing in weight.


Adi Dassler’s shoes are worn at the Olympic Games just because. Adi Dassler deals with “his” competitors in Amsterdam and endeavors to enhance the individual shoes, working intimately with the competitors. Lina Radke-Batschauer is the primary competitor to win an Olympic gold decoration in adidas shoes. She ran the ladies’ 800m in world record time.


Adi Dassler makes his first sneakers.


The Olympic Games in Berlin are the wearing feature for Jesse Owens. He sets new bests in practically the entirety of the twelve occasions where he contends. The dark US-American is the best competitor in Berlin, winning four gold awards.


Adi Dassler’s range presently includes 30 distinct shoes for an aggregate of eleven games.


The first Adi Dassler sports shoes created after the war are made utilizing canvas and elastic from American fuel tanks.


Adi Dassler fires up creation once more, with 47 laborers. He takes the initial two syllables of his first and last name as the name for his items.


Adi Dassler centers his endeavors around new football shoes. He creates his first shoes with shaped elastic studs. 1950 The first of the “Samba” all-round soccer shoes are propelled available. The Samba keeps on being viewed as the exemplary all-round preparing shoe today.


adidas is the most generally worn German games shoe brand at the Olympic Games in Helsinki. Just because track shoes with removable spikes are utilized. Emil Zatopek wins three gold awards in a single week, in adidas shoes. He triumphs in the 5,000m and 10,000m and in the long distance race. An accomplishment that has not been rehashed since. The first adidas sports packs are presented.


The German group wins the World Cup just because. Adi Dassler is at the game in Berne; at half-time he adjusts the players’ shoes to the ground conditions, utilizing screw-in studs. The soccer shoe worn in the Final in Berne is later called “Best on the planet”.


Improvement of the main nylon half-soles for run shoes.


At the Olympic Games in Rome, 75% of all track and field competitors depend on adidas shoes. Wilma Rudolph, who experienced polio as a kid, takes the gold in the 100m and 200m and in the 4x100m hand-off. To check the Olympic Games, the “Rom” preparing shoe is propelled.


adidas shoes rule the Soccer World Cup in Chile. They are worn in every one of the 32 games.


The first adidas balls are created and delivered. 1964 adidas presents the lightest track shoe at any point made. The “Tokio 64” weighs only 135 grams for every shoe. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Willi Holdorf – in adidas – is the main German to take gold in the decathlon.


The first adidas sports clothing is created – with the ever famous Three Stripes, obviously.


adidas competitors likewise overwhelm the Olympic Games in Mexico. Dick Fosbury clears 2.24m with another high bounce method and takes the gold award. adidas is the primary organization on the planet to create infusion shaped multi-stud soles of polyurethane, allowing a one-year ensure on the sole. The principal running shoe, “Achill”, is propelled.


In Mexico an adidas ball, the “Telstar”, is the official ball at a Soccer World Cup just because. Until the current day, all objectives at significant soccer occasions are scored with adidas balls.


Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier face each other in the “Battle of the Century”. Both wear extraordinary boxing boots created by Adi Dassler.


The German group wins the European Soccer Championships in adidas shoes. At the Olympic Games in Munich, Ulrike Meyfarth wins her first Olympic gold in the high bounce. The “Adilette” is presented, still one of the works of art in the adidas go today.


Following on the European Championship title, the German group wins the World Cup once more. The first adidas tennis rackets are propelled. 1976 Edwin Moses wins gold in the 400m obstacles at the Olympic Games in Montreal. The “TRX” running shoe is presented. adidas additionally establishes the tone in the winter sports division, with recently created X-nation ski ties.


All objectives at the Soccer World Cup in Argentina are scored with the “Tango”, the authority matchball.

Adi Dassler kicks the bucket at 78 years old. His child Horst carries on the adidas legacy.


The “Copa Mundial”, the world’s top rated soccer shoe ever, is propelled. It is as yet being delivered today in Germany, among different nations until today.


The German group wins the European Soccer Championships for the subsequent time, furnished from head to toe in adidas.


At the Olympic Summer Games in Los Angeles, 124 out of 140 countries contend in adidas. 259 decorations are won in items with the Three Stripes. Ulrike Meyfarth wins her second Olympic gold decoration (after 1972) in the high hop.


Eleven out of twelve groups at the European Basketball Championships put their trust in the Three Stripes. The “Long distance race Training” running shoe is granted a “generally excellent” rating by Stiftung Warentest, the free German purchaser test establishment. adidas is granted the “German Marketing Prize”. adidas star Ivan Lendl plays his way to the highest point of the world tennis rankings.


Again the spotlight is on adidas at the Soccer World Cup in Mexico. The adidas “Azteca”, the world’s first engineered World Cup matchball, is presented.


Horst Dassler bites the dust at 51 years old.


adidas dispatches the progressive “TORSION®” sole framework, despite everything utilized today for a wide assortment of sports shoes.


adidas turns into an organization (“Aktiengesellschaft”), however holds its family proprietorship.


adidas EQUIPMENT is propelled. The new mark means execution orientated footwear and clothing.


At the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Heike Henkel takes the gold in the high hop. The first adidas streetball competition happens in Marx Engels Square in Berlin. Thought about simply a pattern in 1992, streetball has since gotten immovably settled as a game. A huge number of players contend to win in 3-on-3 reasonable mess around.


Robert Louis-Dreyfus becomes President of adidas AG. New deals and advertising methodologies prepare for the fruitful turnaround. The Originals wave surfaces. Trailblazers, for example, Madonna wear great games footwear and clothing during the 1970s style. The “Gazelle” is delivered again in little amounts.


The time of the rebound. adidas reports an unmistakable upward pattern in deals and income. “Predator®” is the name of the progressive soccer shoe presented on the event of the Soccer World Cup in the USA. The “adidas Predator Cup”, a soccer competition for youthful ability, happens without precedent for co-activity with the adidas Bundesliga clubs in Germany.


It is currently a long time since Adi Dassler made his first shoes. adidas sets achievements in the occasions scene. adidas draws in members and observers to its occasions in the areas of b-ball, streetball, soccer, track and field, open air and tennis. Six years after the family-claimed organization was changed into an enterprise, adidas opens up to the world. The adidas share is one of the most intriguing new postings on the securities exchange in Germany.


1996 ends up being one of the best a very long time in adidas history. At the European Soccer Championships and the Atlanta Olympic Games adidas effectively underlines its desire to turn into the main games brand on the planet.

Five of the 16 groups at the European Championships wear adidas. adidas likewise supplies the Official Matchball and prepares the refs and linesmen. The creative adidas soccer shoes with Traxion sole innovation are a moment achievement and speak to another achievement in the improvement of soccer shoes. The German group wins the European Soccer Championships – completely equipped in adidas.

adidas has picked 1996, the century of the advanced Olympic Games, to celebrate past victories triumphs still to come – symbolized by the idea “We knew at that point – we know now”. This idea receives rich benefits with gold awards by Donovan Bailey (Canada) in the 100m, Lars Riedel (Germany) in the disk, Nourreddine Morceli (Algeria) in the 1500m, Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) in the 10,000m and Felix Savon (Cuba) in boxing. adidas prepares 33 countries in Atlanta; 6,000 members wear adidas, and adidas supplies items for 21 of the 26 games. No other brand has been so firmly connected with such a large number of competitors in such huge numbers of sports over such a large number of years as adidas.


Another age of adidas competitors symbolizes the imaginative innovations and contemporary structure of adidas items.

Anna Kournikova in tennis, and David Beckham and Alessandro del Piero in soccer are only a portion of the excellent gifts in their game who are en route to turning into the stars of things to come, with adidas.

adidas declares the securing of the Salomon gathering (with the brands Salomon, TaylorMade, Mavic and Bonfire). This procurement makes one of the world’s driving outdoor supplies bunches with an arrangement of remarkable brands. The name of the new gathering is changed to adidas-Salomon AG.


In June the adidas-Salomon share is admitted to the DAX, involving Germany’s 30 biggest cited organizations.

The feature of 1998 is the FIFA World Cup™ in France. adidas is the principal outdoor supplies organization to be named Official Sponsor of a Soccer World Cup and prepares has France, who proceed to turn into the new World Champions. adidas has overall permit rights to the world’s greatest single game. adidas supplies the official World Cup matchball, prepares 12,000 World Cup authorities and volunteers, furnishes the arbitrators and linesmen and conveys various progressive soccer advances. Close by France, adidas is legitimate provider to Argentina, Germany, Yugoslavia, Romania and Spain.


In the spring, adidas-Salomon representatives move into reconfigurated and restored central station. With the making of the alleged “Universe of Sports” on a previous US Army base, adidas-Salomon AG chooses long haul for Herzogenaurach as the organization’s corporate central station, and along these lines for the origin of the adidas brand. In the main stage, the grounds style World of Sports gives space to 600 individuals working in the Global Marketing divisions.

adidas commends its 50th commemoration. Furthermore, following a fruitful turnaround, the organization is presently in top structure. Just because, adidas-Salomon AG surpasses DM 10 billion, with deals of DM 10.471 billion. The quantity of workers currently adds up to 12,829 around the world.

adidas is Official Sponsor of the Women’s World Cup 1999 in the USA, underlining its prevailing situation as the main soccer brand. Close by Germany, adidas is accomplice to Sweden, Japan, China and Australia. The Three Stripes are additionally profoundly obvious at the last brandishing feature of the thousand years. adidas, as Official Sponsor, rules the World Track and Field Championships in Seville, and is by and by provider to various alliances and competitors. Furthermore, adidas is named Official Supplier and Licensee for the European Soccer Championships in 2000.

In November, Herbert Hainer is delegated as Deputy Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of adidas-Salomon AG. He is to become Robert Louis-Dreyfus’ successor as CEO in spring 2001.


With its adidas image, adidas-Salomon commands the two exceptional games of the year: the European Soccer Championships in Holland and Belgium, and the Olympic Summer Games in Sydney. adidas, Official Supplier and Licensee of EURO 2000™, prepares European Champions France and the most exceptional player of the competition, Zinédine Zidane. Nearby Zidane, David Beckham (England), Patrick Kluivert (Holland) and Alessandro del Piero (Italy) wear the progressive new adidas soccer shoe, the EQUIPMENT Predator® Precision. Over 25% of the objectives right now scored by players wearing this shoe. The adidas EQUIPMENT Silverstream is the Official Matchball of the competition.

In Sydney, adidas underlines its capability as an Olympic brand. adidas is spoken to in 26 of 28 games. In excess of 3,000 competitors wear adidas. adidas creates progressive items dependent on the idea of “Vitality Maintenance” for six games: swimming, track and field, cycling, fencing, weightlifting and wrestling. The most enduring impression of everything is left by the adidas EQUIPMENT Full Body Swimsuit, in which Ian Thorpe, Australia’s 17-year-old national saint, wins three gold decorations and establishes four world precedents, turning into the star of the Sydney Olympics.

With the “Way to Sydney” program, adidas produces the main outdoor supplies cleanser in the business’ history. It is broadcast worldwide by driving TV channels. Preceding this, adidas is named “Promoter of the Year” and is given the renowned Clio Award in New York.

In October, adidas-Salomon AG is chosen to join the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). The DJSI are the world’s first worldwide files following the presentation of the main supportability driven organizations around the world. In the Annual Review 2000, Dow Jones examined the social, ecological and money related execution of adidas-Salomon AG and inferred that adidas-Salomon is an industry chief on supportability issues. Specifically Dow Jones perceived that adidas-Salomon has gained huge ground in improving the social and natural conditions in the industrial facilities which supply its items.

adidas underlines its situation as the undisputed market pioneer in soccer and consents to a long haul arrangement as Official Sponsor and Licensee of the FIFA World Cup™ 2002 and 2006 and the Women’s World Cup 2003.

Likewise in October, adidas-Salomon presents an energizing new structure for its center image adidas in New York. Rather than the conventional divisional structure of Footwear and Apparel/Accessories, adidas has three divisions: Forever Sport, Original and EQUIPMENT. In 2002, the divisions were renamed into adidas Sport Performance, adidas Sport Heritage and adidas Sport Style. Starting at 2007, there are two divisions: Sport Performance – expecting to help and prepare all competitors in the most ideal manner and Sport Style – focusing on the way of life customer.

November 3 denotes the 100th birthday celebration of the late Adi Dassler, the organizer of adidas.

adidas-Salomon’s deals are at another record level in 2000 coming to € 5.8 billion. The Growth and Efficiency Program, started prior in the year, is finished, effectively preparing for future accomplishment for the Group.


Herbert Hainer is formally designated as CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of adidas-Salomon AG powerful March 8, 2001.

adidas, as the primary brand in the outdoor supplies industry, dispatches the “Customization Experience” venture presenting another plan of action in the business allowing purchasers the chance to make their own interesting footwear to their definite individual particulars as far as capacity, fit and looks.

In September the first adidas Originals store opens in Berlin, trailed by Tokyo in December. Furthermore, the first adidas megastores open in Paris and Amsterdam.

adidas and Germany’s best football club FC Bayern Munich concede to a novel vital organization. While securing a 10% stake in FC Bayern Munich AG, adidas reestablishes its agreement as legitimate support, provider and licensee until 2010.

adidas-Salomon accomplishes record-breaking deals of € 6.1 billion. The board stays faithful to its obligation of a 15% expansion in profit per share by assembling a group that is focused on boosting the monetary outcomes through the Group’s energy for execution, development and legacy.

adidas-Salomon parts of the bargains the top entertainer in the DAX-30, Germany’s driving stock list, with an addition of 28%, and the offer cost beats the record by 48%.


At the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, adidas and Salomon competitors win a joined 191 decorations (62 gold, 67 silver and 62 bronze). adidas equips over half of every individual competitor, eight national Olympic groups and a few games leagues at these Games. By and large features incorporate Christoph Langen and André Lange in sled and the successful German ladies’ biathlon crew, all wearing adidas. The rundown of successful Salomon competitors is going by Janica Kostelic who wins a chronicled 4 awards (counting 3 golds) at Winter Games in snow capped skiing, and Fritz Strobl who wins the marquee men’s declining occasion, both utilizing Salomon skis.

adidas opens its new North American home office in February. The adidas Village, as it is called, is found a little ways from downtown Portland in a region experiencing a program of urban restoration and joins all adidas and Salomon representatives in Portland, Oregon under one rooftop.

In March, ClimaCool®, adidas’ footwear advancement highlighting a 360º ventilation framework, makes its worldwide presentation. Through the presentation of new, breathable materials in every aspect of the shoe, ClimaCool™ permits shoppers’ feet to “feel the breeze”. After one month, adidas presents its second development for the year. a³ (articulated “a-cubed”) is in excess of a padding framework. It is an Energy Management framework that pads, aides and drives the foot for the ideal footstrike.

The 2002 FIFA World Cup™ in Korea and Japan in June gives adidas the ideal stage to additionally fortify and broaden its authority in football and improve its market position in Asia. adidas presents the Predator® Mania, an improved adaptation of the before Predator® boots, and football players wear shirts with the Dynamic Layering Concept. The Fevernova™ is the Official Matchball for the 2002 FIFA World Cup™.

adidas affirms its football initiative by selling more than 6 million footballs, more than 1.5 million copy shirts and over a large portion of a million sets of Predator® Mania.

As in 2001, the adidas-Salomon share is by and by the top entertainer in the DAX-30, Germany’s driving stock record. Gathering deals rise 7% to arrive at a record level of € 6.5 billion.


adidas consents to a sponsorship arrangement for the European Football Championships 2004 in Portugal, along these lines turning into the official supporter of each significant football competition and occasion. Other than the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ and the UEFA Champions League™, adidas is likewise effectively marked on as the official patron for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™. With the understanding, the organization indeed shows its situation as the world’s driving football brand.

Over the mid year, the new JetConcept makes its fruitful section into the swimming scene when adidas dispatches this new bodysuit at the FINA World Swimming Championships in Barcelona, an occasion additionally supported by the organization. Because of little incorporated riblets, the JetConcept diminishes the drag a swimmer faces in the water. Ian Thorpe, the primary swimmer to ever wear the progressive suit, wins two gold decorations, one silver award and one bronze award.

So as to advance its obligation structure and financing terms, adidas-Salomon dispatches a € 400 million convertible bond offering in August. The bond’s development is set at 15 years and is convertible into around 4 million portions of adidas-Salomon AG.

In September, adidas-Salomon is remembered for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) for the fourth successive time.

Additionally in September, adidas opens three new Originals Stores. The store in Miami South Beach denotes the second opening in the US after New York. Korea invites its first adidas Originals Store in Seoul, and Italy observes another fabulous opening in Milan.

In October, the adidas supported German football crew praises its fourth title at the 2003 Women’s Football World Cup in the United States. Nia Künzer scores the Golden Goal for the 2-1 triumph over Sweden in an exceptional last.

In November, Herbert Hainer, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of adidas-Salomon AG, gets the Bambi in the business classification.

In December, adidas moves a portion of the significant promoting positions to its North American home office in Portland, Oregon. Erich Stamminger, notwithstanding his obligations as individual from the Executive Board of adidas-Salomon AG, takes on the situation as CEO and President of adidas America Inc. This move permits adidas to additionally fortify its endeavors in North America.

Toward the year’s end, adidas commends the opening of the new Factory Outlet in Herzogenaurach. The outlet comprises of a 3,500 square meter working with deals floor space of around 2,000 square meters.

In spite of intense economic situations, 2003 ends up being a record year for adidas-Salomon. Deals reach € 6.3 billion, which rises to a 5% improvement in cash unbiased terms. Net gain increments by 14% to € 260 million: another record high.


“Unthinkable is Nothing” is the focal message of a worldwide brand battle that adidas dispatches in February. It enlivens the mentality adidas shares with competitors around the globe – the longing to render the incomprehensible conceivable, to drive yourself further, as far as possible, to kick off something new. The battle shows the rich stable of adidas competitors at various times, including the best ever, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, marathon runner Haile Gebrselassie, football symbol David Beckham and NBA star Tracy McGrady.

Toward the start of the year adidas dispatches the new PredatorPulse™, the best football boot at any point made, in this way underlining its situation as the main brand in football. The new Predator® football boot includes the progressive PowerPulse™ innovation. This innovation depends on a straightforward rule previously utilized in the development of tennis rackets and golf clubs: ideal appropriation of the mass. The Predator®, which commends its tenth birthday celebration this year, is the world’s top of the line football boot and is supported by a portion of the world’s best players, for example, FIFA World Player of the Year Zinédine Zidane, David Beckham, Raúl, Michael Ballack, Kaká and Rui Costa.

In March adidas and David Beckham take their dependable relationship to a considerably more elevated level. They expand their agreement until 2008 and simultaneously disclose David Beckham’s own logo. This logo speaks to the consolidating of two of the most impressive brands in world game.

adidas has a job as a National Supporter and Official Licensee of UEFA EURO 2004™ in Portugal and Official Supplier of the matchball, the Roteiro™. adidas outfits five organizations: Greece, France, Germany, Spain and Latvia.

The UEFA EURO 2004™ closures with an enormous achievement of the Greek national football crew. The Greek group plainly demonstrates that game is tied in with accomplishing the outlandish. At the point when they entered EURO, Greece had never dominated a game in a significant competition. At the point when they left, they were European Champions. With this triumph, five out of the six latest European victors were wearing the adidas Three Stripes.

For adidas, the UEFA EURO 2004™ likewise ends up being a business achievement. More than 1.3 million copy pullovers, over 1.2 million UEFA EURO 2004™ authorized items and in excess of 250,000 bits of our recently presented ladies’ football extend have been sold.

In August adidas utilizes the Olympic Games in Athens as a stage for displaying the brand by and by. adidas is legitimate supplier of 22 National Olympic Committees, including host country Greece, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France and Cuba. Altogether, in excess of 4,000 competitors from 45 unique nations contend in the Three Stripes and adidas gives items to 26 out of the 28 Olympic games.

Competitors wearing adidas shoes or attire win 147 gold, 73 silver and 93 bronze awards. Among the fruitful adidas competitors are record-setting swimmer star Ian Thorpe (Australia), high jumper Hestrie Cloete (South Africa), running legend Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia), weightlifter Pyrros Dimas (Greece), 100m World Champion Kim Collins (St. Kitts and Nevis), Olympic Sprint Champion Maurice Greene (USA) and the record-breaking decathlete Roman Sebrle (Czech Republic), who debut adidas’ most recent advancements in footwear and clothing at the Olympic Games.

In September adidas and Stella McCartney report a long haul association, introducing the adidas by Stella McCartney sport execution assortment. Unexpectedly a top of the line style creator has made a practical game presentation go for ladies. The first assortment is accessible in quite a while over the US, Japan and Europe beginning spring/summer 2005.

In December, following three years of profoundly private in-house improvement, the most exceptional shoe ever hits chosen showcases: the “adidas_1” gives wise padding via naturally and ceaselessly modifying itself. It does as such by detecting the padding level, utilizing a sensor and a magnet. It at that point comprehends whether the padding level is excessively delicate or too firm by means of a little PC.

2004 is another remarkable year for adidas-Salomon AG. The gross edge arrives at an unsurpassed high of 47.2%, overall gain increments by 21% and deals develop 7% to reach € 6.478 billion. Deals in the football class see an over 20% expansion to over € 900 million.


New associations are marked toward the start of 2005: adidas reports its new job as the Official Sportswear Partner for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Also, adidas will equip the Chinese Olympic groups for the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This understanding will be an amazing supporter of expanding adidas’ image profile with customers in the Asian market. Together with Chelsea Football Club, adidas likewise declares a sponsorship understanding which happen for the 2006/7 season.

On May 2, adidas-Salomon AG goes into a deal and buy consent to sell its Salomon business section, including the related auxiliaries and brands Salomon, Mavic, Bonfire, Arc’Teryx and Cliché, to Amer Sports Corporation. The exchange is finished on October 19, 2005.

In July, adidas-Salomon AG and Porsche Design Group sign a long haul vital association including authorizing understanding. The target of the collaboration is to mutually set up a hello there tech premium brand in the games division. The principal items become accessible in 2007 around the world.

In the approach the Track and Field World Championships, adidas and Polar present the world’s first totally incorporated preparing framework. Called ‘Task Fusion’, it flawlessly incorporates Polar pulse and speed and separation checking gear into adidas attire and footwear. The items become accessible in spring 2006.

Adidas competitor Elena Isinbayeva leaves a mark on the world and turns into the main female post vaulter to clear 5 meters. At the Track and Field World Championships in Helsinki, Elena beats her own reality record by one centimeter. Different adidas competitors are additionally effective: Jeremy Wariner (400m), Allyson Felix (200m) and Jaouad Gharib (long distance race) rule their controls to become World Champions.

On August 3, adidas-Salomon AG declares the arranged securing of Reebok. The mix of adidas and Reebok quickens the adidas Group’s vital plan in the worldwide athletic footwear, attire and equipment markets. The exchange esteem is around € 3.1 billion.

The adidas Group closes 2005 with 12% development in money unbiased deals. The working edge arrives at a record-level high, and working benefit is up by 21%. Overall gain owing to investors expands 22% to € 383 million.


On January 31, 2006, adidas-Salomon AG declares that it has shut its procurement of Reebok International Ltd. furnishing the new adidas Group with an impression of around € 9.5 billion ($11.8 billion) in the worldwide athletic footwear, attire and equipment showcase.

“We are charmed with the end of the Reebok exchange, which denotes another section throughout the entire existence of our Group,” says adidas-Salomon AG Chairman and CEO Herbert Hainer. “By joining two of the most regarded and notable brands in the overall outdoor supplies industry, the new Group will profit by a progressively serious overall stage, very much characterized and corresponding brand personalities, a more extensive scope of items, and a more grounded nearness across groups, competitors, occasions and alliances.”

With a history that goes back to 1895, when JW Foster made the primary track spike in Bolton, England, Reebok started working in the US in 1979 and began forceful global development in the late 1980s.

At the Investor Day in London on April 11, the adidas Group and the National Basketball Association declare a 11-year key worldwide marketing organization that will make the adidas brand the official uniform and clothing supplier for the NBA, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the NBA Development League (D-League) starting with the 2006-07 NBA season. The Reebok brand will keep on being a worldwide showcasing accomplice of the NBA and will keep up the capacity to make NBA marked footwear.

At the Annual General Meeting in Fürth/Germany on May 11, investors favor the renaming of adidas-Salomon AG to adidas AG.

adidas is the away from of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™. “We surpassed the entirety of our football and business objectives for the World Cup.” With these words, Herbert Hainer summarizes adidas’ job as Official Sponsor, Supplier and Licensee of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™. By accomplishing record football deals of over € 1.2 billion, up over 30% from 2005, adidas prevails in further extending its worldwide football advertise administration position. A record 3 million reproduction pullovers are sold, including 1.5 million shirts of the German national group. In examination, adidas sold 1.5 million league shirts and 250,000 German pullovers at the last World Cup in 2002.

The following significant football occasions are practically around the bend. In June, UEFA and adidas sign a long haul association giving adidas the worldwide sponsorship rights for the UEFA EURO 2008™ in Austria and Switzerland. What’s more, UEFA and adidas broaden their UEFA Champions League organization, making adidas the Official Ball Supplier for the UEFA Champions League until 2009.

In September, Reebok dispatches its new worldwide promotion crusade “When Did I Know?”, commending the uniqueness and investigating the pivotal turning points of its NFL whizzes. As an impression of Reebok’s image situating of uniqueness and genuineness, every advertisement delineates the exact moment when Reebok’s top players realized they were bound for enormity. As the official supplier of the NFL, Reebok is the main brand with the capacity to show a portion of the alliance’s best competitors, including Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts), Vince Young (Tennessee Titans) and Roy Williams (Dallas Cowboys), right now impactful light.

Also further fruitful joint efforts with Yohji Yamamoto and Stella McCartney are both stretched out until 2010.

In November the adidas Group declares the offer of the Greg Norman Collection discount business to MacGregor Golf Company.


One year after the end of the obtaining of Reebok by the adidas Group, the organization diagrams the key course of the brand for 2007 and past. At the Reebok Global Headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts in January, Herbert Hainer, Chairman and CEO of the adidas Group, Paul Harrington, President and CEO of Reebok, and Uli Becker, Chief Marketing Officer of Reebok, clarify their new and feasible situating to transform Reebok into an American-roused, worldwide brand that commends singularity in game and life.

The three-divisional set-up, set up in 2000, has been extremely fruitful for adidas. Presently, the divisional structure is advancing. At the center, there will be a two-divisional set-up of Sport Performance and Sport Style. Inside Sport Performance, clear spotlight lies on Running, Football, Basketball and other worldwide execution classes. Game Style, contained the past Sport Heritage and Sport Style divisions, will explicitly focus on the way of life buyer.

In March, adidas presents the development of its image mentality “Unimaginable is Nothing” with a crusade that urges everybody to venture out arriving at their unthinkable. Through accounts of genuine games saints endeavoring and accomplishing what once appeared unimaginable objectives, adidas plans to rouse individuals to think about their own impediments and how to defeat them.

In April, Reebok dispatches a notable battle demonstrating the simplicity of running at the speed of visit. The “Run Easy” theory is resulting from the conviction that running has, after some time, become concentrated on execution, separation and speed. The multi-faceted crusade highlights famous people from around the globe showing its focal message, that running ought to be tied in with getting a charge out of the ride.

In August, the German Football Association (DFB) and adidas report the long haul augmentation of their fruitful organization of over 50 years until the year 2018. Under the new support understanding, adidas will stay Official Outfitter of the DFB until the finish of 2018 and will keep on providing the total scopes of match, preparing and recreation clothing for all DFB groups. “The participation among adidas and the DFB is obviously something extremely exceptional. There are just scarcely any different models in the realm of such a solid and demonstrated association between an organization and a league. I am happy to see one of the longest and best associations in sport proceed with this new understanding,” said Herbert Hainer, Chairman and CEO of adidas AG.

In September, the Rockport Company takes a transformative jump with the exceptionally foreseen worldwide dispatch of the Rockport with adidas TORSION® assortment. From its contemporary style and plan to its propelled exhibition and solace includes, the new assortment expands on Rockport’s heritage in footwear advancement and further features the cooperative energies at play inside the adidas Group.

The arrangements for the uber game year 2008 are going full speed ahead. adidas as the Official Sportswear Partner for the Beijing Olympic Games will supply sportswear for all staff, volunteers and specialized authorities at the Summer Games. adidas will likewise equip the Chinese group and various competitors from everywhere throughout the world, giving items to 27 out of the 28 games. The battle “Together in 2008, Impossible is Nothing”, propelled in November in China is the greatest brand crusade at any point run by adidas in a solitary nation.

Furthermore, adidas is reported as the Official Sportswear Partner of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The association with London 2012 will be the greatest single speculation adidas has ever constructed into a UK game.

In December, adidas divulges the adidas “EUROPASS”, the Match Ball for the UEFA EURO 2008™. As the Official Sportswear Partner of this significant game, adidas will supply all authorities, arbitrators, volunteers and ball young men. With the expansive nearness in Europe and past, adidas needs to additionally fortify and expand its worldwide football advertise authority.

Towards the year’s end, the adidas Sport Style division presents new features of the Y-3 assortment at the New York Fashion Week. Independently, adidas declares another item joint effort with Diesel – adidas Originals Denim by Diesel become accessible in stores in February 2008.

2007 was a record year for the adidas Group – creating deals of € 10.3 billion and posting a net gain of € 551 million.


In February TaylorMade-adidas Golf declares the offer of its Maxfli and related trademarks to Dick’s Sporting Goods. The Noodle trademark and all golf ball licenses stay with TaylorMade-adidas Golf.

As of April 1, Uli Becker is the new President and CEO of the Reebok brand. The previous Chief Marketing Officer of Reebok succeeds Paul Harrington.

adidas and Samsung report their key organization in March and disclose miCoach – an ongoing preparing framework remembered for a cell phone, intended to spur, move and empower competitors at all levels to arrive at their preparation objectives. It is the most progressive intuitive preparing framework by gathering and transforming individual information into singular preparing plans dependent on one’s wellness level and explicit objectives.


As the 2010s have advanced, supportability has been at the bleeding edge of new discharges. adidas collaborated with Parley, a sea preservation association, to create shoes and dresses made with reused sea plastic. This started a development to end the inefficient design circle by reusing plastic and flotsam and jetsam that is now contaminating the planet. With expanded consciousness of supportability came further mechanical advancement. The latest decade brought the improvement of Boost, the vitality returning padded sole that is a most loved among sprinters today. The Futurecraft 4D started another method for making shoes, with the padded sole conceived of fluid etched by light and oxygen for another advancement of padding. This decade additionally brought notable associations, with Stella McCartney consolidating runway style and superior sportswear for present day ladies, and Kanye West propelling YEEZY, an adidas line with a clique following. As we’ve come nearer to the present time and place, we’ve watched obstructions break and new ages battle for uniformity. In 2015, adidas discharged the Superstar Pride Pack, making it the first LGBT+ tennis shoe for Pride month.